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Cherish the moments for they too, become memories

The best piece of advice I recieved before I had my baby was, "Enjoy every moment with your new baby because she'll be grown up before you know it and you'll find yourself wishing she was little again." This is very true.

I was determined to not think, "I can't wait until my baby starts sleeping through the night/smiling/talking/walking..etc." I was going to be grateful she was just the way she was at each stage in her life and not wish she was older.

The following example was taken from an article entitled “A Day at the Beach” by Arthur Gordon. Said he:

“When I was around thirteen and my brother ten, Father had promised to take us to the circus. But at lunchtime there was a phone call; some urgent business required his attention downtown. We braced ourselves for disappointment. Then we heard him say, ‘No, I won’t be down. It’ll have to wait.’

“When he came back to the table, Mother smiled [and said,] ‘The circus keeps coming back, you know.’

“ ‘I know,’ said Father. ‘But childhood doesn’t.’ ”

Now I give too all you mothers and fathers young and old the best piece of advice I ever recieved; enjoy every moment with your children at each stage of their life. Don't put off spending time with your children. Make each moment count.

Baby Language

When babies first start to talk they sometimes get their pronunciation of words wrong, creating their own unique language. Here are a few example:

Shopping cart = carpet
Apple sauce = saucy apples
Rubber band = bandy (as in band aid)
Refrigerator  = frigerary

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Baby Quotes
Ten fingers, Ten toes She's laughter and teardrops So small and brand new And amazingly angelic She's sent to bless you She's one special Baby The best of life's treasure And will grant and bless you Many hours of great pleasure -- Unknown