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Babies cry for a number of different reasons.  No one really knows why as well as the mother, or the one who’s with the baby all day.  Mom knows her baby’s tired cry, her scared cry, her attention cry and her sick cry.  If you can’t figure out why your baby is crying or why she’s not going to sleep, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Sometimes babies cry when they are bored or need a new change of scenery.  When my baby was between 0-4 months, she cried almost every time I’d sit down.  She always wanted to go new places and see new things.
  2. You may find that one minute you are playing with your baby and she's perfectly happy and laughing and the next minutes she's crying. Your baby may just be over stimulated. It's okay, just give your baby a few minutes to settle down. Your baby will probably give cues when she needs a break. One of the obvious cues is when she turns her head. Instead of trying to turn her attention back to you, wait for a few seconds until she turns back to you, then continue with your play.
  3. If your baby cries a lot between 4-7 months it might be because she is teething.  This can be a painful process for babies especially when the teeth start breaking through the gums.
  4. Babies cry when they have gas they can’t get out.  This is painful for their little bodies, especially when they are between 0-5 months.  Your baby may also have a burp that they can’t get out.  This is very painful for them as well.
  5. If your baby cries a lot she could have colic.  Ask your doctor what you should do.
  6. Your baby may be sick.  Check her temperature.  Make sure she’s warm enough or make sure she’s cool enough.
  7. Babies cry when they get diaper rash.  If they have this, put rash cream on or baby powder.  I like to use Johnson’s diaper rash cream. 
  8. Babies cry when it’s bedtime.  They may not know how to sooth themselves to sleep but they are so tired.  Something what my baby does is one day she’ll take 5 or 6 naps and the next she’ll only take 1.  Of course the second day she’s dead tired (she’s 6 months old and she usually gets about 4 naps a day) but she won’t go to sleep no matter what “trick” I try. 
  9. Some babies cry when they want attention.  If they are left alone too long to play with toys they may get bored and want mom or dad’s full attention.
  10. Babies that are 6 mo+ may cry whenever mom or dad leaves the room. At this age they recognize their parents and they get separation anxiety.
  11. Then there are always the basics, she’s tired, hungry, has a dirty diaper, or physically hurt herself in some way.
  12. Sometimes babies cry because they don't know how to express themselves any other way.

Typically babies shouldn’t be crying.  If your baby is, there may be something wrong with her.  If you still can't figure out why after considering all of the above, call your doctor and ask what you should do.

Note: This information is from notes taken during a Human Development class 2006 as well as from my own personal and thoughts and experiences.

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