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Babies grow up so fast. It’s so important to enjoy each moment and each stage of your child’s life because before you know it your child will have moved on. Before you realize where time went, your baby will be saying his first word, going to his first day of kindergarten, riding a bike, driving a car and finally getting married to the partner of his choice. It’s important to realize how precious each moment with your child is and how these moments won’t last forever.

Memories are precious things. They are the only thing you can keep with you when your children grow up. You can look back and remember the good times and rejoice in them.

There are several ways you can preserve these memories and share them with others. One great way is by taking pictures. Get a camera, if you don’t already have one, and take as many pictures as you can. It may seem like a lot at the time, but when your baby grows up, you’ll find yourself wishing you had more. A digital camera is a great way to take a lot of pictures without the cost building up. As you take pictures of your baby, make sure you focus on quality not just quantity. You may have 20 photos of one pose, but those 20 photos may not mean as much to you as one good quality photo with a nice background and a smiling baby.

Another way to preserve your memories is by taking videos of your kids. You can get a camcorder or just take small video clips on your digital camera and when you have enough, compile them and burn them to a DVD. Your children will enjoy watching themselves when they were younger -- smearing food on their faces, taking their first steps and saying their first words.

If you don’t have a camcorder or can’t afford one, you could simply record your children’s voices on a tape recorder. It’s fun for kids to hear what they sounded like when they were little. It's also fun for you to remember how your child sounded and what her words for things were.

Another way to preserve memories is to keep a journal of your baby. Write in it as often as you can. Keep writing in it when your children grow up. When they get married and have children of their own it’ll be fun for them to read and see what they did when they were growing up.

Also keep a baby book of your baby’s firsts. You could buy one at the store or make your own. Make sure to keep special things such as your baby’s footprints and handprints, the tiny bracelets they put on you and your baby at the hospital, birth announcements in the newspaper, etc.

Since all of these things won’t always fit in a book, you can also keep a baby box. This is where you put those cute little shoes your baby wore for some special occasion or where you keep the little hat they put on your baby in the hospital. As your baby gets older, continue to keep special things in this box like your child’s first handwriting, an art project he made at school, a story he wrote or the animal report he spent a lot of time on.

These are just a few ideas you can use to help preserve your memories. So start collecting these things today. Organize them for each child so you’ll remember which items belong to whom. If you do these things consistently, it can help you hold on to your memories forever.

Note: This information is from my own personal and thoughts and experiences.

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