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Babies cry for any one of a number of different reasons. First and most obvious, they cry if they need something; usually food, sleep, or a diaper change. They also cry if they’re too cold or too hot; if they get hurt; if they have a burp, gas or constipation; or if they just want to be held and loved. If you just fed your baby and changed his diaper and burped him, and your baby continues to cry, try feeding him or her again. Sometimes babies go through growth spurts and never seem to get enough food. If it’s obvious that your baby is not hungry, then you can try the following:

1.) Swaddling – Infants like to feel secure. They are used to being in their mommy’s womb, squished in a tiny space with little room to move. Wrapping your infant up tight can help him fell this security again. (Once they get older they don’t like this anymore)

2.) Rocking – Rock your baby in a rocking chair, standing or even sitting. Sometimes if you buy an infant swing and put them in that it helps him calm down or go to sleep. Babies like the motion and it sometimes helps them fall asleep or calm down.

3.) Driving in the car or pushing in a stroller – This motion sometimes puts your baby to sleep. Also just standing up and walking around the house with your baby can help calm him.

4.) Pacifier – Babies have the need to suck all the time. This will sometimes help them to calm down.

5.) Change Positions – If a baby is lying on his back, try sitting him upright or vice versa. Try putting you baby on his tummy and gently patting his back.

6.) Talking softly/singing – Sometimes the soothing sound of your voice will calm your baby.

7.) Massage – Giving a baby a massage can help loosen tensed muscles.

It’s important to respond to your baby right away when they’re crying because your baby develops a trust in you. This will help him not to be so dependant on you when he gets older and is less likely to have separation anxiety.

One thing to remember with babies is that there are no guarantees, no set formula where if you do x, y will happen. One day you’ll find something that calms your baby down and the next day doing the same thing will make him cry more. Just when you think you have things figured, you’ll end up having to start from square one.

You’ll soon learn, however, the tricks that work for your baby most of the time. If you’ve tried everything to stop your baby’s crying and nothing seems to work, your baby may have an upset stomach or colic. For this you can give your baby a few drops of tincture of catnip and fennel or put a hot water bottle on his tummy. If this doesn’t work, you might want to call your doctor and ask him for more suggestions.

Note: This information is from notes taken during a Human Development class 2006 as well as from my own personal and thoughts and experiences.

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