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It’s not fun for you or for the baby when your child is teething.  Your child will usually start teething between 4 to 7 months. The two bottom front teeth are usually the first to come in and are followed a few weeks later with the two top front teeth. Some babies don't experience very much pain when teething, while others do.

Babies often drool a lot more when they are teething, so be sure to wash their face often to prevent rashes. If your child does get rashes, like mine did, ask your doctor what you can and should put on it to make it go away. My doctor told me to use Eucerin Creme. Ask your doctor if Eucerin Creme is right for your baby.

There are a few things that you can do to help ease your child’s pain:

  1. From a health food store purchase tincture of catnip and fennell and rub it on your baby’s gums. Catnip and fennell are two natural herbs that will numb your baby’s gums. The only problem with this is that it only lasts a few minutes until the pain is back again.
  2. Get your child a teething toy. Toys that are filled with gel substance that are cool, feel good on your child’s gums. If you get a toy filled with liquid, make sure that it's not going to break and get all over.
  3. Put a wet washcloth in the freezer for 30 minutes and let your baby suck on it.
  4. Here is an idea that my sister-in-law had:
  5. “I struggled with teaching my daughter how to brush her teeth. She is scared of getting her teeth brushed and it is a wonder because most of her life to get her teeth clean I have had to sit on her, pin her down, and hold her head still. Because of the forceful nature of the experience it isn't pleasant for either of us, so we avoid it as much as possible. Being the wife of a soon-to-be-dentist I think I am falling short of the standard method of care. :) Talking to my sister she suggested buying her an electronic toothbrush and letting her chew on it. I should have listen to her advice a year ago. I finally listened. I bought our daughter one and she loves it. She walks around the house chewing on it and really has taken to brushing her teeth. They aren't perfectly clean but it has removed the trial of force and she is excited about it, which is gold. My tip of the week is when your baby cuts teeth, buy her or him an electric toothbrush. Most infants love the feel of the vibration on their gums. I would have been wiser to listen to my sister earlier.”

  6. If you are still having problems, search the Internet for other ideas.

Note: This information is from notes taken during a Human Development class 2006 as well as from my own personal and thoughts and experiences.

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